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Reflections Counseling North Bend
Abby Crickmore Reflections Counseling North Bend

Abby Crickmore



(425) 209-8216



LGBTQ+ Youth

Mood Disorders

Emotion Regulation


A Bit About Abby

Abby Crickmore is always eager to hear people’s stories—and facilitate as they explore and gain insights into their own experiences, promoting healing and growth.

She loves working with LGBTQ+ clients, particularly youth, and discussing issues related to sexuality and gender; open and accepting to all, Abby allows clients to feel comfortable exploring their identity, struggles, and needs. She also supports those who are facing anxiety, depression, or challenges with emotion regulation.

Abby earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in mental health counseling. She is a
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) and a Certified Facilitator in the Human-Equine Alliance for Learning (HEAL).

A lifelong animal lover, Abby has two horses that she spends time with every day. She also competes
with a local synchronized-swimming team, takes guitar, hula, and painting lessons, and enjoys
challenging herself with new recipes in the kitchen.

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